AIN training school part 2

Dear EuNet-INNOCHRON  Members

Our COST Action can provide a "Dissemination Conference Grant" up to 2000EUR maximum  as a fixed financial contribution to our Action's participants  for attending and delivering an oral presentation of the Action at the 10th International Shwachman-Diamond syndrome (SDS) Congress 18-21 April 2023 in Cambridge UK according to  COST rules (page 97-102)

The "Dissemination Conference Grantee" will be in charge of delivering an oral presentation at the 10th SDS Congress, presenting our Action, their activities, and results  for developing new contacts and potential future
collaborations, contacts and stakeholders, and increasing thus the visibility of our COST Action EuNet-INNOCHRON.

Please  submit your online " Dissemination Conference Grant" application by 7th April 2023.

The application will be submitted via your eCOST profile.

The procedure is described step-by-step on the COST Grants Guide, and you should follow the instructions and use the templates for the "Dissemination Conference Grant".

You will also need to upload on the system the documents as seen below:

  1. a dissemination Conference Grant Application (based on e-COST template- described in the guide) 
  2. copy of the abstract of the accepted oral presentation focused on promoting the scientific achievements and activities being performed by the COST Action
  3. an acceptance (or invitation) letter from the 10th SDS Congress organisers  
  4. a brief CV 
  5. a short description of your involvement in the Action (max 300words)

The evaluation of the applications will be performed by our Grant Awarding Coordinator, Prof Oliver Karanfilski on behalf of the Management Committee by 11th April 2023

We are looking forward to receiving your applications and we are on your disposal for any clarification.

Kind regards

The Grant Awarding Coordinator

The Action Chair