Contact Information

Assoc. prof.  Aleksandra Catić- Đorđević
University of Nis, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pharmacy
Address: University of Nis, Faculty of Medicine, Blvd dr Zorana Djindjica 81, 18000 Nis, Serbia 

Email: aleksandra.catic@medfak.ni.ac.rs
Tel:    +38166377654

Current research interests

My  main research is in field of pharmacokinetics and precision therapy. Also, I build mathematical models of correlation between patients and drug parameters and efficacy of treatments.

Clinical Expertise related to EuNet-INNOCHRON

Clinical pharmacy skills-pharmacokinetic calculations, therapeutic drug monitoring, patient adherence and quality of life assesment.

Laboratory Epertise related to EuNet-INNOCHRON

  • Real-time PCR

Recent publications related to Eunet-INNOCHRON

  • Spasić A, Catić-Đorđević A, Veličković-Radovanović R, Stefanović N, Džodić P, Cvetković T. Adverse effects of mycophenolic acid in renal transplant recipients: gender differences. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy 2019 DOI:10.1007/s11096-019-00837-z
  • Catić-Đorđević A, Pavlovic I, Pavlovic D, Stefanovic N, Mikov M, Cvetkovic T, Velickovic-Radovanovic R. Evaluation of gender-based limited sampling methods for tacrolimus exposure after renal transplantation using the Monte Carlo simulation. Die Pharmazie 2018; 8: 482-485. DOI:10.1691/ph.2018.8461
  • Catić-Đorđević A, Cvetković T, Stefanović N, Veličković-Radovanović R. Current biochemical monitoring and risk management of immunosuppressive therapy after transplantation. J Med Biochem 2017; 36(1): 1-7. DOI: 10.1515/jomb-2016-0029
  • Veličković-Radovanović RM, Janković SM, Milovanović JR, Catić-Đorđević AK, Spasić AA, Stefanović NZ, Džodić PLj, Šmelcerović AA, Cvetković TP. Variability of mycophenolic acid elimination in the renal transplant recipients – population pharmacokinetic approach. Renal Failure 2015; 37(4): 652-658. DOI: 10.3109/0886022X.2015.1010442