Dr Alma CILI

Contact Information

Alma Cili, MD 
University of Medicine
Tirane, Albania 
Adress: University Hospital center “Mother Teresa “, “Rr e DIbres “  Nr 372
Tirane , Albania ,1001

Email: cilialma.ac@gmail.com
Tel:     00355685283715

Current research interests

My  research interest is mainly in hematological malignancies  and CML in general and currently   I am  focused mainly on the chronic neutropenia in adults because we see it quite often in our prqctice.

Working in a adult Hematology clinic I am mainly interested in adults.

Clinical Expertise related to EuNet-INNOCHRON

Clinical Haematology with special experience in patients with  and myeloid malignancies (MDS/AML). 

Laboratory Epertise related to EuNet-INNOCHRON

  • Flow cytometry of PB and BM

Recent publications related to Eunet-INNOCHRON