Open Research Protocols

Ethnic Neutropenia

You may be interested in investigating various aspects related to Ethnic Neutropenia within and beyond Europe. 

Please, find below the protocol for the investigation of patients with unexplained neutropenia for the SNP associated with ethnic neutropenia (ENP).

Childhood AIN preceding ALL

Dr Jelena Roganovic in collaboration with Dr Francesca Fioredda, has prepared an EXCEL file to register patients with childhood AIN preceding ALL.

You can directly communicate with Dr Roganovic ( should you have patients to register or any further questions.

COVID19 in chronic neutropenia (CNP)

The aim of the study is to describe the characteristics and severity of COVID19 in European and other populations with CNP, because such data are not available as of now. This information will help design and implement measures to be taken in a neutropenic individual at risk for, or presenting with COVID19, including specific therapy with G-CSF.