Our Training School on Bio-Banking on Neutropenias in the magnificent city of Thessaloniki Greece, was a big success. 17 trainees from 9 different countries (7 Inclusiveness Target Countries and 1 Near Neighbour Country) participated in this face-to-face event.
How lovely it was to meet young Investigators with passion for what they do.

Following inspiring lectures every morning covering fields from Ethics, to safe samples and data management as well as creating tools to support a Registry,and sharing experiences across Europe and beyond, our Trainees gained hands-on experience in the welcoming environment of the Institute of Applied Biosciences in the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas.

Many thanks to our hosts Kostas Stamatopoulos and his team, who helped the Training School run smoothly. Special thanks to all of the speakers/trainers/ tutors and all the Trainees that contributed to make the event a memorable experience.

"Our Training School showed the importance of sharing and spreading the knowledge for the benefit of our patients. We strongly believe that giving equal opportunities to young investigators and access to knowledge and new technologies is an important way to minimize inequities in science across Europe. We were also focused on our obligation to respect patients' rights when registering them to Registries and Biobanks. " (H.Papadaki, Action Chair)

You can enjoy some photo highlights of the Training School. We hope you can join us on our next live events.

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Training School on Bio-banking on Neutropenias